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Définition of a .conf file for unrealIRCD (and for Anope)

(cliquez ici pour une version en français)

The purpose of this page is to help you creating a reliable configuration file for UnrealIRCd 3.2 (IRCd software available at http://unrealircd.org ) possibly linked to the Anope channel service system (software available at http://www.anope.org ).

The generation of a config file is free as long as you let the checkbox "Configuration Pro" unchecked. Some tuning is not possible in this particular mode. If it bothers you, check this, then you'll be able to tune your server as you want; it will cost approximately two euros (according to your country).

In any case, this form does not require that you enter any server ip address. That means, that it is great for those who want to test unrealircd on their own Windows based computer.

N.B. To keep the form simpler, some sections are hidden; these will become available by checking the appropriate box (adding of ircops, adding of linked servers, adding of censored words ). You can then uncheck the box once you finish working with the section : your information will not be lost, and the form will become easier to read, because shorter.

This form requires the browser to be javascript compliant. Please activate javascript if not already done. For those who would be afraid of doing so, keep in mind that Javascript is a safe language.

By default, this configuration file works for UnrealIRCd for Windows, but this can be modified.

Important: this page has successfully passed tests on UnrealIRCD 3.2.9 and on the last stable version 1.8.7. of Anope.

Sometimes the Allopass system does not work: if so, please send me an e-mail.

/!\ Caution: these setting should not be valid with releases of Unreal and Anope earlier than thoses precited (3.2.9 and 1.8.7) I put hereafter the download links for these releases.

You can download Unreal3.2.9 here

You can download Anope-1.8.6 there

Your server's name:
Description of your server:
Maximum number of clones per connection:
Administrator's login:
Administrator's password:
Administrator's nickname:
Administrator's e-mail:
Password for '/restart':
Password for '/die':
Autojoin channel (if any):
Static quit message (nothing if free):
Hidden host prefix:
default ports:
Check if server's operating system is linux (or MacOS:

Configuration Pro (not free):
Check here for adding ircops:
Check here for adding vhosts:
Check here for censoring nicknames:
Check here for censoring channels:
Get type #!*! official channels:
Check here for censoring words:
Check here if your IRCd is part of a network: