mIRC Script Server

This is the official page of mirc Script Server. You can download the english version here, which requires mirc 5.82 or less.

Due to the huge amount of E-mails about bugs recensed in this script, which were related to the recent releases of mirc, this add-on has now been given away with mirc 5.82: it will install itself at the first start of mIRC. Indeed, this add-on doesn't properly work with the newest versions of mirc. Please do not replace the mirc inside the script.

Nota Bene: I voluntarily removed the popup files and other: the mirc used as a server should not be used as a client. Use your own regular mIRC to connect to it.

Current release: 6.87 .

Download the latest version of mIRC Script Server

See the splash screen

This add-on contains an irc server, type Dalnet Services and an Eggdrop which can keep your channel.

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